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No matter how big your dream is, we are ready to bring you there

We know you deserve a better offer

We make you a better student


Get accepted to top schools with all-inclusive service

Education Consultation Service for Student

We provide each student with a personalized school application guidance service that suits each student's needs.


Application Guidance Process
We provide students with the best and personalized application service. The complete process consists of ten phases, that guide students through the process from preparation to completion of all application materials.

Customized Services
We are able to customize any individual application service to meet the needs of the student. We help to organize all aspects of the application process, from designing the activities to writing the documents and selecting the schools.



Initial Counseling & Scheduling 
We will evaluate the current standardized scores and work out an individualized time plan for the whole school application process.


Event Design & Planning 
We will guide students in compiling activity lists and resumes, as well as advise students on extracurricular and summer activities to apply for, and help students arrange and plan the most effective extracurricular activities.


Standardized Test Preparation

Our professional application guidance service consultants and cooperative institutions can provide students with learning materials to help them succeed on the test.


Guidance on School Selection
All of our counselors have extensive backgrounds in the American education system and know American universities admission preferences. We are good at understanding students' and parents' preferences, and then suggesting a list of schools.


Standardized Test Requirements

We are familiar with each school's admissions requirements and help students prepare for the exams, including test registration and test center selection. We provide mock exams and test reviews to help students better prepare for the exams.


Brainstorming and Writing

Our consultants constantly brainstorm with students, discussing essay ideas, guiding students in writing their essays, and senior consultants help revise and improve all application documents.


Application Process Guidance

Senior counselors help students prepare for every step of the application process, including online registration, filling out application forms, and submitting letters of recommendation.


Mock Interviews

In order to prepare for the formal interviews, our consultants help students conduct several mock interviews to help them familiarize themselves with the interview questions and guide their personal expression.


Career Guidance

We assess students' personal abilities and career interests to help them develop their future career goals. We have counselors from a variety of fields who work together to help guide students in their career planning.


Final School Selection

After receiving an offer, we will help the student to compare the characteristics of each accepted school, and help the student to choose a university to attend, as well as to submit documents if needed.


"My husband and I have no idea where our family would be today had we not worked with HG+ on college admissions for both of our kids. We quickly discovered that the entire college landscape has changed radically since we were students, and we realized that we were unprepared to master everything while maintaining some semblance of productive lives."


Ying Zhang

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